K2 People Wrote

Design and Dine Jamaican Style

Site visits to our job site in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, known locally as Ochi, include some extraordinary food made by one exceptional chef who runs the Villa Lido kitchen. This particular meal included super-sized crawfish with white wine, garlic, cilantro, and as most dishes in Jamaica, a little heat from the beloved scotch bonnet pepper. A great find in Jamaica is breadfruit, also pictured, which tastes like . . . bread. Really. Roast it, open it. cut it, slather some butter on it and you’ll never miss bread made with flour.


When traveling to job sites on foreign soil, we work hard to make every minute count. Long, hot days. Up and down makeshift ladders. Working on through heavy rain and scorching sun. Can a platter of succulent crustaceans, breadfruit, and rice and peas made with coconut milk, followed by a Red Stripe beer make it all feel better? Yeah mon!