Our Fearless Design Approach

Show no fear. Important decisions in life, are often accompanied by pulse-racing anxiety. Jumping, or not jumping off that ledge can mean the difference between living an ordinary life or an extraordinary one. Simply put, I’m a jumper, and thrive leading our crew of FEARLESS professionals who serve the clients of K2 to produce remarkable ideas, sketches, and unexpected results when boundaries are not limited by fear.

Make it happen. I’ve got a passion for design that is defined by FEARLESS ideas and the chutzpah to make them happen.  Working on projects in our studio, here in my own beloved Florida, our satellite studio in Quebec, and abroad, that passion fuels the fire in me. I love to hear, “It can’t be done!,” for the pure sport of actually doing it. Years of experience have tempered this bravado, however slightly, with trial and error, victory and defeat. K2 Design was founded 20 years ago and in that time, we have tested different methods in design and execution of the works. I know with certainty the best results are borne from a seamless approach to architecture and interior design.

Know your client. I’m often asked “what is your design style?”. The truth is, my own design style preference is unimportant to anyone but me and the only “folks” I try to force it upon: our dog, Buddy, and my valued partner and husband Daniel.
When your project is completed, it will “fit” your needs and expectations like an expensive pair of custom made Italian shoes or a bespoke suit from a tailor in London. In every sense of the word it will “fit”: in size, style, and budget.

Finish the job.  Our projects tend to be “dirt to drapes” adventures. We have the experience, staff, and programs in place to start with a property survey and work that soil into a structure with all the trimmings that defines the word “complete”. It’s most important to remain focused, to not be distracted from the end goal. Completing a project and delivering the promised result takes tenacity and perseverance even when its’ not as easy as “simply building a house”.


Jenny Provost