While you are perusing the internet in your quest to find the right designer for your project, there are some things you should know. Nowhere in Southwest Florida will you find a more experienced and talented team of design professionals. K2 Design Group offers expertise in three different and overlapping, design disciplines.

  • Custom Home Design
  • Interior Design
  • Kitchen & Bath Design

Founded in 1994 by Design Principal and President Jenny Provost

K2 Design has positioned itself at the leading edge of “what’s-happening-now” in design. The proof of this claim is in the “bling” with K2 Design earning literally hundreds of accolades (over 40 design awards in the 2018 season alone).

If the proof is in the bling, then the depth of the firm is in the team. Our Custom Home and Remodeling Design team consists of highly skilled and experienced designers, drafting specialists and 3D rendering superstars. K2 Design hires only designers with post-secondary education as a minimum, a solid competence in design and computer-aided drafting, and project organizational skills. Management knows how to get the job done and to coordinate the efforts of our talented designers to make it all happen beautifully. Truly excellent Kitchen and Bath Design calls for design professionals who can not only imagine the spaces, but can use their serious know-how to execute the projects. We’ve lined up a leader in this area that knows all things kitchen and bath, and construction, and who is also a long-timer at K2 so there is a deep understanding of the high quality level on which we insist in our designs, planning, and execution of projects.

How does that work for you?

If you want the job done right, you hire the pros. Period. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find one place where all the pro’s you need are under one roof? Pros who already work together as a team? Welcome to K2 Design. Our 6,000 square foot studio and showroom is ready for your visit and our pros are ready to serve. See you soon!